Top 5 Lenders Offering No-Doc Mortgages: Compare Rates and Options

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No-Doc Mortgages, also known as stated-income mortgages, have gained popularity amongst individuals who are self-employed or have complicated financial situations. These types of loans require minimal documentation compared to traditional mortgages. In this article, we will discuss the top five lenders offering no-doc mortgages and compare their rates and options for borrowers.

1. Quicken Loans: Quicken Loans is a reputable lender and offers no-doc mortgages with competitive interest rates. Their streamlined application process allows borrowers to provide less documentation, making it easier for self-employed individuals to qualify. Quicken Loans also offers a variety of loan terms and options, catering to different borrowing needs.

2. Carrington Mortgage Services: Carrington Mortgage Services specializes in offering flexible mortgage solutions, including no-doc mortgages. They understand that not all borrowers fit into the traditional lending criteria and provide customized loan options. Carrington Mortgage Services also offers competitive rates and strives to make the loan process as efficient as possible.

3. SunTrust Mortgage: SunTrust Mortgage is another lender that offers no-doc mortgages. They have a strong reputation in the mortgage industry and provide flexible financing options for self-employed borrowers. SunTrust Mortgage offers competitive rates and a range of loan terms to suit borrowers’ financial goals.

4. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions: Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is renowned for its non-QM (qualified mortgage) loans, including no-doc mortgages. They cater to borrowers with unique financial situations and provide personalized lending solutions. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions offers competitive interest rates and a straightforward loan application process.

5. Citadel Servicing Corporation: Citadel Servicing Corporation specializes in non-prime mortgage options and offers no-doc mortgages for self-employed individuals. They have a variety of loan programs available, allowing borrowers to find the right fit for their financial needs. Citadel Servicing Corporation has competitive rates and a quick approval process.

When comparing these lenders, it’s crucial for borrowers to consider several factors. Firstly, borrowers should compare the interest rates offered by each lender to find the most affordable option. Secondly, the loan terms and repayment options should be evaluated to ensure they align with the borrower’s financial circumstances. Lastly, borrowers should consider the lender’s reputation and customer service to ensure they will receive support throughout the mortgage process.

In conclusion, no-doc mortgages are a viable option for self-employed individuals or those with complex financial situations, as they require less documentation compared to traditional mortgages. When considering a no-doc mortgage, borrowers should explore the offerings of various lenders. Quicken Loans, Carrington Mortgage Services, SunTrust Mortgage, Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, and Citadel Servicing Corporation are among the top lenders in this niche. By comparing their rates, loan options, and overall reputation, borrowers can choose the lender that best suits their needs.

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